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MORE THAN JUST A LOVE STORY. ATOTS is GMMTV's nearly impeccable BL Series! --- 9.9/10

This series is a great way to tướng start the year 2021. This series surpasses all my expectations in almost every aspects of this show. This series is exceptional when it comes to tướng chemistry, acting, OST and especially the message they wanted to tướng imply.

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• ATOTS' storyline is sánh unique in the BL world. It's a game changer from the usual university-themed Y series we used to tướng see in this genre. I am not actually a người hâm mộ of slow paced series, but ATOTS is an exemption. The story is not sánh fast, and it results to tướng more appreciation of every scenes. The last scene on episode 9 will be more perfect tho if they gave us a kiss (as per the novel's basis as well), but it was still okay due to tướng their powerful scene execution.THE ENDING WAS SOOO GOOD. My eyes are sheding tears while smiling.
• What I love the most in this series is how they showed the contrast among social classes, and making the viewers learn how to tướng value their lives. Showing the difference between people in the higher and lower class of the society results to tướng realizations and understanding among its members. A rich boy realizing how happy living in a simple life in the village; however, if villagers have their choice will they choose to tướng stay where they are? -- it's reality vs. practicality question. Khama's words of wisdoms tell us more about the message that this show wanted to tướng imply.


• Their acting is sánh natural and effective, but I want to tướng give a special commendation to tướng Mix Sahaphap. He is a rookie actor, but the way he acts feels lượt thích he is doing acting for decades. The emotions was delivered properly, and it transcends from my computer screen. Meanwhile, I don't think anyone is more fit for the character of Phupha rather phàn nàn Earth. Earth's expressive eyes and effective line delivery is what he made mạ impressed.
• This show proves that the chemistry among the actors is efficient enough rather phàn nàn showing too much skinship. EarthMix's chemistry is overflowing, it's similar to tướng fizz when you open a soda can.
• I would also love to tướng commend the other casts in this series, they gave justice to tướng the characters they are potraying. Tul and Longtae being the best friends of the year, the adorable kids in the village, the other forest rangers, Mr. Khama and of course Dr. Nam -- all of them are worthy to tướng remember.

OSTs / Other Aspects

• Who wasn't attached to tướng the sound of the flute? This show managed to tướng put all the musics in the right timing without being too excessive. The OSTs are all pleasant to tướng ears, and I love how they chooses Aye and Earth to tướng sung some of its OSTs.
• The scenery and the village itself was sánh beautiful, and it becomes more attractive because of their amazing cinematography. It's obvious that they ensure to tướng give their best for the benefits of the audience in this aspect.

Overall, I think this is my most favorite BL series from GMMTV along with He's Coming To Me & TOL. Kuddos to tướng all the teams behind this show, and especially to tướng the director. Phường Aof never disappointed mạ in the series he made.???

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PS. The 0.1 minus is for Phupha's beard...kidding?

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