AnimeVsub Application!

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The current desktop version open source is available at:

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The goal of this application is to tát allow users to tát interact intuitively and explore new Anime sets in place of the outdated trang web interface of animevietsub.

And especially this tiện ích will speed up the Anime viewer by đôi mươi times!! That means no more loading..., enjoy the best quality Anime episodes and no loading...

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Download APK for Android

Download tiện ích for Android at:

Reason for PWA

With Cap4's slowdown in increasingly heavy applications it has proved slower phàn nàn ever. So we decided to tát switch it to tát Progressive Web Application.

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However, there was a problem with PWA tư vấn that the request cors tên miền was not accepted. So we resorted to tát the help of Browser Extensions/Addons AnimeVsub Helper.

The fact that Chrome Android and Edge Android tự not tư vấn extensions lượt thích its desktop versions causes many problems that you cannot use this application with only the mặc định browsers on your phone. I consider this a step backwards for both Chrome and Edge from fully supported extensions/addons lượt thích Firefox, Flow and Yandex.

Use a modern browser that supports extensions

As I mentioned above this application needs extensions and it requires a really modern browser. I recommend you to tát use one of the following browsers:

Lemur Browser Kiwi Browser Firefox Browser Flow Browser Mises Browser Yandex Browser

After installing the browser install the utility AnimeVsub Helper and go to tát

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Wait for a while you will see the browser wants to tát install AnimeVsub and you can exit the browser then open AnimeVsub in the main screen.

Sponsor ☕

If you find this project useful please tư vấn bầm through:

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To be on

  • API system
  • UI
  • Tabs option type in Index.vue
  • router: bang-xep-hang
  • router: search
  • router: lich-chieu-phim
  • button follow anime
  • scan QR code to tát login
  • restore progress watch anime
  • history and follows
  • tai-khoan/settings/player
  • tai-khoan/about
  • tai-khoan/history
  • tai-khoan/follow
  • pull to tát refresh