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Last month we introduced the new AI-powered Bing and Microsoft Edge, your copilot for the trang web – delivering better tìm kiếm, complete answers, a new chat experience and the ability lớn create nội dung. Already, we have seen that chat is reinventing how people tìm kiếm with more phàn nàn 100 million chats lớn date. We’ve seen people use chat in a variety of ways, from refining answers lớn complex questions lớn using it as a sườn of entertainment or for creative inspiration. Today we’re taking the chat experience lớn the next level by making the new Bing more visual.

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We’re excited lớn announce we are bringing Bing Image Creator, new AI-powered visual Stories and updated Knowledge Cards lớn the new Bing and Edge preview. Powered by an advanced version of the DALL∙E model from our partners at OpenAI, Bing Image Creator allows you lớn create an image simply by using your own words lớn describe the picture you want lớn see. Now you can generate both written and visual nội dung in one place, from within chat.

We know from research that the human brain processes visual information about 60,000 times faster phàn nàn text, making visual tools a critical way people tìm kiếm, create and gain understanding. Based on Bing data, images are one of the most searched categories – second only lớn general trang web searches. Historically, tìm kiếm was limited lớn images that already existed on the trang web. Now, there are almost no limits lớn what you can tìm kiếm for and create.

For those in the Bing preview, Bing Image Creator will be fully integrated into the Bing chat experience, rolling out initially in Creative mode. By typing in a mô tả tìm kiếm of an image, providing additional context lượt thích location or activity, and choosing an art style, Image Creator will generate an image from your own imagination. It’s lượt thích your creative copilot. Just type something lượt thích “draw an image” or “create an image” as a prompt in chat lớn get creating a visual for a newsletter lớn friends or as inspiration for redecorating your living room.

Chat experience with Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator preview will also be available in Microsoft Edge, making it the first and only browser with an integrated AI-powered image generator. To use Bing Image Creator in Edge, simply click the Bing Image Creator icon in the sidebar lớn create your image or invoke from Bing chat in Edge.

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At Microsoft, our teams are guided by our Responsible AI principles and the Responsible AI Standard lớn help them develop and deploy AI systems responsibly. To curb the potential misuse of Image creator, we are working together with our partner OpenAI, who developed DALL∙E, lớn deliver an experience that encourages responsible use of Image Creator. We have ensured OpenAI’s safeguards, plus additional protections, have been incorporated into Image Creator. For example, we have put controls in place that aim lớn limit the generation of harmful or unsafe images. When our system detects that a potentially harmful image could be generated by a prompt, it blocks the prompt and warns the user. We also make it clear that Image Creator’s images are generated by AI, and we include a modified Bing icon in the bottom left corner of each image lớn help indicate that the image was created using Image Creator. We continue lớn work closely with OpenAI lớn build, test and review mitigations for our integrations.

Since making the new Bing available in preview, we have been testing it with people lớn get real-world feedback lớn learn and improve the experience. People used it in some ways we expected and others we didn’t. In this spirit of learning and continuing lớn build new capabilities responsibly, we’re rolling out Bing Image Creator in a phased approach by flighting with a mix of preview users before expanding more broadly. We will initially only include Image Creator in the Creative mode of Bing chat and our intention is lớn make it available in Balanced and Precise mode over time. We are also working on some ongoing optimizations for how Image Creator works in multi-turn chats. We continue lớn believe the best way lớn bring these technologies lớn market is lớn test them carefully, in the open, where everyone can provide feedback.

New AI-Powered Visual Stories and Knowledge Cards

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To tư vấn the growing demand for more visual tìm kiếm experiences, we are also making Stories and Knowledge Cards 2.0 available lớn all Bing users. Stories provide a more engaging way lớn tìm kiếm and interact with nội dung, offering images and short videos. Also new lớn Bing users today, Knowledge Cards 2.0 is an AI-powered infographic-inspired experience that provides fun facts and key information at a glance. It’s been updated lớn include interactive, dynamic nội dung lượt thích charts, graphs, timelines, visual stories and more. With these updates and more coming, our goal is lớn deliver more immersive experiences in Bing and Edge that make finding answers and exploring the trang web more interesting, useful and fun.

knowledge thẻ showing information about corgis

knowledge thẻ showing information about Rio in Brazil


Bing Image Creator integrated into Bing chat will begin lớn roll out lớn Bing preview users on both desktop and mobile starting today. For those not in the new Bing preview, the preview experience of Image Creator is now available at for Bing users around the world in English. We will add more language tư vấn over time.

Bing Image Creator is also available in Microsoft Edge from the Image Creator icon in sidebar for both desktop and mobile starting today for Edge users around the world in English. We will also soon integrate Image Creator into Edge from the new Bing button in chat mode in the preview version of Edge.

If you’re not yet in the new Bing preview, you can sign up for the waitlist today. We’re adding more people every day. Thanks for your continued feedback and we look forward lớn sharing more updates soon.

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