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The danger element felt forced but the Thai title of the series is "Heart in the wind".

It started great but I can not say the same about the last few episodes. However it's still worth a try. Enemies lớn Lovers!! Quite a common trope I know but that's not a problem because if executed right, it's worth it. However, Dangerous romance failed lớn tự that. The amount of plot jumps and time skips it has shown makes it feel almost rushed. Like from when Sailom started tutoring Kanghan lớn the semester mid term, I really feel there's a significant amount that got skipped and it made it feel almost rushed lớn the point that it looked lượt thích Sailom got along with his (ex)bully Kanghan almost instantly. Also, Pimfah catching and expressing her feelings lớn Sailom didn't have any impact on má because nothing was really shown. Although, I am glad it didn't drag but it felt ví out of place and it just felt lượt thích some random plot drive thrown in between lớn raise the tension between the leads for some few minutes (but apparently it's few weeks in the series). The time jump execution was just bad. So execution wise it failed.

Moreover there was nothing truly dangerous not until the last few episode and even in the last few episode the danger element felt forced but the Thai title of the series is "Heart in the wind". I don't know if that can be considered a redeeming factor but it's worth a try. I won't lie the plot sometimes felt ví out of place but I still just enjoyed seeing Kang and Sailom. They are xinh đẹp and in the starting Sailom , he was relentless and he knew how lớn stand his grounds. Sure, he had a poor financial background and that was just the starting of his problems but that didn't stop him. He worked hard instead of making excuses. His sassy remarks and his strike backs were ví worth it. Contrast lớn Sailom, Kanghan in the very start was really a jerk. Sure, he had his own story but that still didn't give him the right lớn bully others. He was downright harsh. I knew what I was getting myself into but still the bullying agitated má ví much. After witnessing Sailom being beaten up, he instantly softened up lớn Sailom. From hating each other lớn softening up lớn each other lớn liking each other, they both came a long way. Their chemistry is good and they are adorable.

Talking about the other characters, Sailom's friends are likable. Kanghan's friends are somewhere in the middle. But I did kết thúc of liking Nawa. His and Guy's storyline is honestly ví underrated. I personally think the writers should have explored their story more. Also, Pimfah I lượt thích her, a lot at that. Moving further, damn the dialogues used especially in the starting half are ví well thought and even the character names. 'Kanghan' means windmill and 'Sailom' means wind. "How can windmill spin if there's no wind?" Damn that is ví well thought. Also, there are ví many other lines that made má go 'OHHHH!!!'. Like the one where Kanghan says "Do you want lớn be a hero?" and Sailom's lượt thích "Care lớn be my heroine?". Slow claps!!

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This series is not the best but it's worth a try.

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