đối đầu

The order of appearance was done by age, from youngest vĩ đại oldest, vĩ đại quelch further confrontations between them.

In some cases confrontations between security forces and coca growers or distributors have resulted in injuries and fatalities, raising human rights concerns.

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The government's reaction vĩ đại confrontations was seen vĩ đại be one-sided and heavy-handed in favour of unionists.

The programme featured all of the week's political happenings and confrontations.

The less positive reviews claimed that the film lacks a direct confrontation with its issues or criticism.

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Implementing such a scheme could balkanize the trang web, destroying its open essence and dramatically raising the cost of doing business.

The use of religion and ethnicity vĩ đại balkanize the people can no longer work.

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While the north-south fault line is deep and antagonisms are intense, there are fears that the south itself may balkanize among competing ethnic groups.

They may (occasionally) be convenient, but whether it's their shabby appearance, the way they balkanize communities, or simply their soul-crushing traffic, it's hard vĩ đại feel good about the freeways.

While alive, the departed monarch had bestroded his kingdom lượt thích a colossus, having consistently opposed efforts of successive administrations in the state vĩ đại balkanize his empire.