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About 700 million years ago, the Earth was covered in ice, becoming a white planet – a snowball Earth. It is said that this continued for millions of years... This time, Doraemon and his friends mix off lớn an icy, wintry, freezing journey lớn find a hotter, crazier, and more exciting adventure phàn nàn ever before!

(Source: Toho)

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Dec 1, 2017

First of all, please tự not expect bu lớn really 'formal' here. I will not really specifically talk about the story, art, sound , character etc... I will spontaneously talk ok, let's be fair.

Ok, no spoilers ok. shh..

Before I tell you what I think about this movie, I wanna tell you a bit about my trip lớn Kanagawa prefecture, nhật bản where I visited F.Fujiko Fujio museum. It is about 1000 Yen , I booked a ticket just in the freaking morning at Tokyo before going there (which is about 9 hours before the visiting time!) which actually I am so sánh fortunate lớn be able ...

Jun 5, 2017

A new Doraemon movie that I'm going lớn just shorten it in 1 sentence:

Doraemon: Nobita and his another adventure with his friends where they continue lớn fuck with time and space and at the same time saving another girl or animals he found along the way, but this time it's both, at somewhere in Antarctic but not really.

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This movie was an original story from the anime staffs, not from the original author so sánh some of you may think it's kinda mehhhh, but not really.

I think they did a good job with the movie

Story: 8/10
The story was tell good with enough details lớn grasp and it ...

Dec 31, 2020

This was my first Doraemon movie in lượt thích two years.

As someone who has always loved Doraemon movies, as well as the series itself, the enjoyment I had while watching this movie had more lớn tự with nostalgia phàn nàn with the actual aspects of the movie.

...There are only a few hrs left till the New Year, I came across this movie, and ended up watching out. I didn't have a lot of expectations, all I was looking for was a nice wholesome doraemon movie.

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And that's what I got.

It's light, it's wholesome, it's Doraemon, it's good!

It explored a crucial geographical aspect of our ...

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