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"Hop! Step! Jump!
Into An Expanding World!

– Phrase from the website

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Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure (ひろがるスカイ!プリキュア lit. Soaring Sky! Pretty Cure?) is the twentieth installment in the Pretty Cure franchise.

Directed by Ogawa Koji and produced by Toei Animation, the series started airing on February 5th, 2023, succeeding Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure in its initial time slot. The series' main theme is heroes, while the motif is endless skies.

This series celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Pretty Cure franchise.


Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure was first trademarked on November 30th, 2022[1]. On the same day, the teaser trang web launched. The site officially opened on January 8th, 2023.


Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure episodes
Pretty Cure All Stars F
Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure LIVE 2023: Hero Girls Live ~Max! Splash! GoGo!~
Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure Manga (Kamikita Futago)


A major incident has occurred in the peaceful Sky Land!?
The young Princess Ellee has been kidnapped by the monsters of Undergu Empire!
A brave young girl, Sora, follows the princess through a mysterious portal.
"TV"? "Cars"? Are those some kind of magic tools!?!?
But there's no time đồ sộ be surprised! She has đồ sộ get the princess back đồ sộ the castle...!
Flying between two worlds! The adventure with the Pretty Cure begins now!

It's hero time!


Pretty Cure

  • Sora Harewataru (ソラ・ハレワタール?)
    • An athletic 14 year old girl from the floating kingdom in the sky, Sky Land. Sora has trained hard everyday đồ sộ become a hero lượt thích the person of her dreams who saved her when she was a child. She and Ellee are staying at Mashiro's house in Sorashido City. Sora transforms into the Pretty Cure of the Sky, Cure Sky (キュアスカイ?).
  • Nijigaoka Mashiro (虹ヶ丘ましろ?)
    • A 14 year old girl who lives in Sorashido City. Mashiro is kind and thoughtful, and knows a lot about cooking and nature. She lives with her grandmother, Yoyo, as her parents are working overseas. Her nickname is "Mashiron" (ましろん?). Mashiro transforms into the Pretty Cure of Light, Cure Prism (キュアプリズム?).
  • Yuunagi Tsubasa (夕凪ツバサ?)
    • A 12 year old boy, who is also a bird fairy from Sky Land's Puni Bird Tribe. Tsubasa was born into a tribe who gave up flying in exchange for the power đồ sộ become human. He has also wanted đồ sộ fly, and ever since learning about aerodynamics in Sorashido City, Tsubasa has been looking for ways on being able đồ sộ fly. Tsubasa transforms into the Pretty Cure of Wings, Cure Wing (キュアウイング?).
  • Hijiri Ageha (聖あげは?)
    • An 18 year old adult girl who is childhood friends with Mashiro. Ageha always does her very best, and gets along with everyone she meets. She is a fashionable, very reliable, and cheerful older sister type. She came đồ sộ Sorashido City đồ sộ attend a vocational school đồ sộ become a nursery school teacher. Ageha transforms into the Pretty Cure of Butterflies, Cure Butterfly (キュアバタフライ?).
  • Ellee-chan (エルちゃん?)
    • A young princess from Sky Land. Ellee-chan came đồ sộ Sorashido City with Sora after she had been kidnapped. She has the power đồ sộ create the Sky Tones, which gives the Pretty Cure the ability đồ sộ transform. With the strong desire đồ sộ protect everyone, Ellee-chan transformed herself into the mythical Pretty Cure, Cure Majesty (キュアマジェスティ?).

Undergu Empire

  • Empress Undergu (カイゼリン・アンダーグ?)
    • A mysterious villain who wants Ellee-chan. She rarely speaks đồ sộ her subordinates, only choosing đồ sộ tự ví if they've had multiple failures.
  • Kabaton (カバトン?)
    • A rowdy pig from Undergu Empire. Kabaton believes that strength is everything. His catchphrase is "I, TUEEE!" (オレ、TUEEE!?)
  • Battamonda (バッタモンダー?)
    • The sourpuss of Undergu Empire. Battamonda is very egotistical.
  • Minoton (ミノトン?)
    • A warrior of Undergu Empire. Minoton always challenges the Pretty Cure đồ sộ a fair fight.
  • Skearhead (スキアヘッド?)
    • A new enemy from Undergu Empire. Skearhead is a cold and threatening being who is hard đồ sộ read.
  • Ranborg (ランボーグ?)
    • The series' main monsters.

Supporting Characters

Main Page: Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure Minor Characters
  • Nijigaoka Yoyo (虹ヶ丘ヨヨ?)
    • Mashiro's grandmother who is knowledgeable about many things. Yoyo is actually from Sky Land, where she is well known for being a hyper-amazing legendary honorary scholar.
  • Captain Shalala (シャララ隊長?)
    • The captain of the Azure Guards, and the strongest swordfighter in the world. Captain Shalala is the hero who Sora admires and wishes đồ sộ be lượt thích.
  • Beryberie (べリィベリー?)
    • A thành viên of Sky Land's Azure Guards. Beryberie slowly became good friends with Sora during battle.


  • Sky Mirage (スカイミラージュ?): The transformation item, that doubles as Sky and Prism's weapon. To activate the wand, the Cures need đồ sộ insert a specific Sky Tone (スカイトーン?) onto the handle. The Sky Mirage has another sườn, known as the Mirage Pen (ミラージュペン?).
  • Mirror Pad (ミラーパッド?): A magic mirror that Yoyo owns. It can be used đồ sộ watch over Sora and Mashiro from afar, or get into tương tác with the king and queen from Sky Land.
  • Colorful kích hoạt Mix Palette (カラフルアクションミックスパレット?): A palette-like item that is Cure Butterfly's weapon.
  • Majestic Chroniclon (マジェスティクルニクルン?): A purple book that comes with a touch pen that is used by the Cures as a weapon.
  • Cloud Bread (くもパン?): A special kind of bread made by Mashiro.


  • Sorashido City (ソラシド市?): The đô thị that the series takes place in.
  • Sky Land (スカイランド?): The world Sora, Tsubasa, and Ellee-chan are from.
  • Sorashido Academy (私立ソラシド学園?): The middle school that Sora and Mashiro attend.


  • Hirogaru Sky! is the first season to:
    • have a xanh rớt lead Cure, with said lead Cure not being from nhật bản.
    • feature a white Cure since Suite Pretty Cure♪, and an orange Cure since Smile Pretty Cure!.
    • feature a male Cure, an adult Cure, and a physically and mentally baby Cure who are a part of the main cast.
    • give the Cures blood types since Fresh Pretty Cure!.
  • The title for Hirogaru Sky! has a double meaning, as it can mean "Expanding Sky" or "Hero Girl, Sky", with the latter referring đồ sộ Cure Sky who is a superhero.
  • Hirogaru Sky! has a unique design quirk for its characters, with all human characters having a pale red blush of sorts on their noses.
  • Producers Washio Takashi and Takahashi Maki wanted đồ sộ create this season specifically with heroes in mind. They came up with clouds in the skies, leading đồ sộ the concept of Cure Sky and Cure Prism. Both producers added that xanh rớt sky and white clouds are a perfect match, and when both meet, they can sườn a sky with different possibilities.
  • Hirogaru Sky! is the only season đồ sộ have multiple episodes without villains.


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