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Story 10

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Music 9.5

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There was a little doubt in my spirit when it was announced that there would be a HIStory 3. I said lớn myself "there is no way they're gonna top HIStory 2 Crossing the Line, absolutely NO WAY!" and I was quite adamant about it, but that one fateful day when I sat down and pressed play on my computer was the best day EVER.

First, let's talk about the actors. This cast is amazing. Their chemistry is beyond what I thought it would be. The way they interacted. Watching the behind the scenes I could see how they embodied the characters but at the same time had a genuine lượt thích for one another. They each brought something different lớn the show.

Now lớn get into the nitty-gritty. The hate turn love relationship between Shao Fei and Tang Yi was just as a relationship should develop. Don't just smash two characters together and tell mạ they love each other. Give mạ the backstory. Give mạ reasons why the other is hesitant, what happened lớn them that caused them lớn be this way, etc. Build it up and then let mạ see the results, and THAT is what HIStory 3 Trapped did. It was amazing how well they worked together, and the story always kept you guessing on what would happen next. As you found things out you were either pleasantly surprised or shocked lớn be right about a theory. That's what this show did, it gave you a chance lớn theorize what would happen next. Unlike other dramas in which you know what's going lớn happen, in this one you didn't. Every step of the way you were wondering, captivated, too far in lớn just drop it and too committed lớn the character lớn not watch it.

On lớn Zhao and Jack. Beautifully done. I wished there was more time with them, but I have an imagination, I feel things happened behind the main story between these two and I'm appreciative of it. The way they care for each other, it's beautiful.

The story. What can I say I haven't already? WATCH IT! Watch all trăng tròn episodes and you tell mạ what you think of the story. I honestly feel lượt thích I've been on a rollercoaster ride and honestly, I want lớn ride it again, and perhaps even a third time. Now I can only hope that they vì thế for this one as they did for Crossing the Line and make it into a full-length movie. I mean I can hope, right? I'll just say this. The only thing I wished was different was the scenes between Jack and Zhao. I wanted them lớn have more time onscreen. Show us their development as you showed Shao Fei and Tang Yi. That's really the only thing I have.

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BEST. BL DRAMA. EVER! and believe mạ when I say I have seen quite a few and will continue lớn watch them, but this one will forever be etched into my memory.

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