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Hot Stove League

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Literal meaningStove League
Revised RomanizationSeutobeurigeu
GenreSports drama
Developed byHan Jung-hwan
Written byLee Shin-hwa
Directed byJung Dong-yoon
  • Namkoong Min
  • Park Eun-bin
  • Oh Jung-se
  • Jo Byeong-kyu
Music byPark Se-joon
Opening theme"Cue Sign" by Lee Won-suk
Country of originSouth Korea
Original languageKorean
No. of episodes16
Executive producers
  • Hong Sung-chang
  • Park Min-yeop
ProducerJo Eun-jung
Production locations
  • Incheon
  • Hawaii
Running time59–63 minutes
Production companyGill Pictures
Original networkSBS TV
Original releaseDecember 13, 2019 –
February 14, 2020

Hot Stove League[1] (Korean: 스토브리그) is a South Korean television series that aired on SBS TV from December 13, 2019, to lớn February 14, 2020.[2][3] The series stars Namkoong Min, Park Eun-bin, Oh Jung-se, and Jo Byeong-kyu. It revolves around a baseball team named Dreams, which has been the worst in the league for four consecutive years.

Hot Stove League received critical acclaim and several awards, including Best Drama at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards.[4] Namkoong won his first Grand Prize (Daesang) at the 28th SBS Drama Awards.


The Dreams are a Korean professional baseball team that have placed last in the league for the past four seasons. When their general manager steps down, the team hires Baek Seung-soo, who has managed several championship winning sports teams, as his replacement, despite Seung-soo having zero experience with managing a baseball team. Facing shrinking budgets, infighting between the coaching staff and a team deeply phối in their ways, Seung-soo uses his outsider's insight and the help of operations manager Se-young and Jae-hee to lớn upend the Dreams' culture in a bid to lớn create a championship winning team, despite the looming fact that every team he has managed before has folded after winning the championship.



  • Namkoong Min as Baek Seung-soo[5][6]
The new general manager of the Dreams who was hired despite having zero experience managing a baseball team. He has a "golden resume", leading wrestling, ice hockey and handball teams to lớn championships, but they all over up folding afterwards due to lớn circumstances outside his control. He doesn't have a particularly nice personality but he is determined to lớn make the team the best in the league.
  • Park Eun-bin as Lee Se-young[7][8]
The Dreams' operations manager. She is the only female manager in the league and is very passionate about her team despite their poor fortunes. Though she has been working in this field for ten years, she never gives up.
  • Oh Jung-se as Kwon Kyeong-min
The president of the team and a junior managing director with Jaesong Group, which owns the Dreams, and the nephew of its chairman. He plans to lớn shut down the Dreams as it is unprofitable, and hires Baek Seung-soo to lớn help him tự sánh, but soon comes into conflict with him when Seung-soo puts real effort into making the team successful.
  • Jo Byeong-kyu as Han Jae-hee
Se-young's co-worker at the operations team. He got the job through his connections, but as time goes by he shows his passion for the team and works hard. It is suggested that the reason for his change in attitude is because he likes Se-young.


Dreams office[edit]

  • Son Jong-hak as Go Kang-seon, CEO of the Dreams team.
  • Lee Jun-hyeok as Go Se-hyeok, scout team leader.
  • Yoon Byung-hee as Yang Won-seop, scout team thành viên.
  • Kim Do-hyun as Yoo Kyeong-taek, analysis team leader.
  • Kim Soo-jin as Lim Mi-seon, head of marketing team.
  • Park Jin-woo as Byeon Chi-hoon, marketing team leader.
  • Kim Ki-moo as Jang Woo-seok, scout team deputy head.

Dreams players[edit]

  • Hong Ki-joon as Jang Jin-woo, the oldest pitcher.
  • Chae Jong-hyeop as Yoo Min-ho, a rising pitcher.
  • Jo Han-sun as Lim Dong-gyu, a cleanup hitter.
  • Cha Yup as Seo Yeong-joo, the chief catcher.
  • Kim Dong-won as Kwak Han-young, an infielder.

Dreams coaching staff[edit]

  • Lee Eol as Yoon Seong-bok, the head coach.
  • Son Kwang-up as Choi Yong-goo, the pitching coach.
  • Kim Min-sang as Lee Cheol-min, the bench coach.
  • Seo Ho-chul as Min Tae-seong, the batting coach.

Baseball officials[edit]

  • Lee Dae-yeon as Kim Jong-moo, general manager of the Vikings.
  • Song Young-kyu as Oh Sang-hoon, general manager of the Pelicans.
  • Park So-jin as Kim Yeong-chae, a sports announcer.
  • Ha Do-kwon as Kang Doo-gi, the national team's ace pitcher.
  • Kim Kang-min as Lee Chang-kwon, Vikings player.


  • Kim Jung-hwa as Yoo Jeong-in, Seung-soo's ex-wife.
  • Yoon Sun-woo as Baek Yeong-soo, Seung-soo's little brother. An expert in sabermetrics, he uses a wheelchair due to lớn a baseball injury as a teenager.
  • Yoon Bok-in as Jeong Mi-sook, Se-yeong's mother.
  • Jun Gook-hwan as Kwon Il-do, Jaesong Group chairman.
  • Lee Kyu-ho as Cheon Heung-man, a former wrestler who knows Seung-soo.
  • Lee Yong-woo as Gil Chang-joo / Robert Gil, a translator and a disgraced former pitcher.
  • Moon Won-joo as Kim Ki-beom, retired dreams player

Special appearances[edit]

  • Lee Je-hoon as Lee Je-hoon, CEO of PF Soft (Ep. 16)
  • Pengsoo as Pengsoo (Ep. 16)


Picture of Munhak Baseball Stadium (Incheon, South Korea) where filming took place.

The series is based on Lee Shin-hwa's screenplay, which was one of the winners in the 2H năm 2016 MBC Drama Screenplay Contest (Miniseries Category).[9]

Namkoong Min and Park Eun-bin previously worked together as second leads in Hur Jun, The Original Story (2013).[10]

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The first script reading took place in September 2019.[11]

Munhak Baseball Stadium, trang chính stadium of the South Korean professional baseball team SK Wyverns who gave their tư vấn to lớn the series, served as a filming location and was used in one teaser poster.[12][13] Scenes taking place in California were filmed in Hawaii.[14]

After episodes 10 and 11 were divided into three parts instead of two, viewers expressed their discontent concerning the advertisements on the program's trang web.[15]

Following the success of the drama, the cast and crew went on a four-day reward vacation to lớn Saipan on February 17, 2020.[16]

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Original soundtrack[edit]

Hot Stove League OST
Soundtrack album by

Various artists

Released20 December 2019–31 January 2020
  • Korean
  • English
LabelBlending Co., Ltd.
SBS Content Hub Co., Ltd.

Part 1[edit]

Released on December 20, 2019
1."Cue Sign" (큐사인)
  • Park Se-joon
  • Woo Ji-hoon
  • Park Se-joon
  • Woo Ji-hoon
Lee Won-suk (Daybreak)4:51
2."Cue Sign" (Inst.) 
  • Park Se-joon
  • Woo Ji-hoon
Total length:9:42

Part 2[edit]

Released on January 3, 2020
1."Mind"OneTopOneTopKevin Oh4:01
2."Mind" (Inst.) OneTop 4:01
Total length:8:02

Part 3[edit]

Released on January 10, 2020
1."As The Cold Wind Passes" (찬바람이 스쳐가며)
  • Han Joon
  • Park Se-joon
  • Lee Yu-jin
  • Park Se-joon
2."As The Cold Wind Passes" (Inst.) 
  • Lee Yu-jin
  • Park Se-joon
Total length:7:00

Part 4[edit]

Released on January 17, 2020
1."Another Day Is Passing" (하루가 저물어간다)
  • Jung Sung-min
  • Shin Ji-hoo
  • Jung Sung-min
  • Shin Ji-hoo
Kim Tae-hyun (DickPunks)3:46
2."Another Day Is Passing" (Inst.) 
  • Jung Sung-min
  • Shin Ji-hoo
Total length:7:32

Part 5[edit]

Released on January 31, 2020
  • ZigZag Note
Savina & Drones3:23
2."Down" (Inst.) 
  • ZigZag Note
Total length:6:46


Hot Stove League : South Korea viewers per episode (millions)

SeasonEpisode numberAverage

Source: Audience measurement performed nationwide by Nielsen Media Research.[17]

Average TV viewership ratings
Ep. Part Original broadcast date Title[18] Average audience share
(AGB Nielsen)[19]
Nationwide Seoul
1 1 December 13, 2019 My Name Is Baek Seung-soo And I'm the General Manager
(단장 백승수입니다)
3.3% (NR)
2 5.5% (16th) 5.8% (13th)
2 1 December 14, 2019 I am Going to lớn Trade Lim Dong-gyu
(임동규 선수를 트레이드하겠습니다)
5.5% (NR)
2 7.8% (11th) 8.3% (7th)
3 1 December trăng tròn, 2019 It's a Team That's Bad at Baseball and Also Without a Future
(야구는 제일 못하는데, 미래도 없는 팀)
7.3% (14th) 8.3% (10th)
2 9.6% (6th) 10.3% (4th)
4 1 December 21, 2019 I'd Say It's an Unprecedented Scouting Scandal of a Professional Team
(전례 없는 프로팀 스카우트 비리가 아닐까 싶습니다)
8.2% (10th) 8.5% (9th)
2 11.4% (3rd) 11.9% (3rd)
5 1 December 27, 2019 Do You Want to lớn Make a Bet? Let's See Who Is Laughing When We Arrive In Korea
(내기하실까요, 귀국길에 웃는 게 누군지?)
9.6% (6th) 10.1% (4th)
2 12.4% (2nd) 12.9% (2nd)
6 1 January 3, 2020[a] Did You Bring Someone Problematic From America?
(미국에서 뭐 문제 있는 애 데리고 왔어?)
11.6% (6th) 13.1% (4th)
2 14.1% (2nd) 15.4% (2nd)
7 1 January 4, 2020 Cut a Little Bit Larger
(삭감 폭이 좀 큽니다)
11.3% (4th) 12.5% (4th)
2 13.8% (3rd) 15.1% (3rd)
8 1 January 10, 2020 How Much Do You Want?
(얼마를 받아야 되는 겁니까)
12.2% (6th) 13.7% (4th)
2 14.9% (2nd) 16.3% (2nd)
9 1 January 11, 2020 Thank You For Letting Me Dream For A Brief Moment, Baek Seung-soo
(잠시나마 꿈을 꾸게 해줘서 감사합니다, 백승수씨)
11.8% (4th) 13.2% (4th)
2 15.5% (3rd) 17.0% (3rd)
10 1 January 17, 2020 Are We Evil?
(우리가 적폐입니까?)
12.9% (5th) 14.1% (4th)
2 15.5% (3rd) 16.6% (2nd)
3 17.0% (2nd) 18.4% (1st)
11 1 January 18, 2020 What Difference Does It Make If I Bring Them In?
(얘네들 데려오면 뭐가 달라져?)
10.7% (6th) 11.6% (5th)
2 13.5% (4th) 14.5% (4th)
3 16.5% (3rd) 18.1% (3rd)
12 1 January 31, 2020[b] Lim Dong-gyu VS Kang Doo-gi
(임동규 대 강두기)
12.0% (6th) 13.0% (4th)
2 14.4% (3rd) 15.2% (3rd)
3 15.3% (2nd) 15.5% (2nd)
13 1 February 1, 2020[b] I Trust Him, I'm Going to lớn Check Whether the Rumors are True or Not
(믿지만 확인은 할 겁니다)
10.1% (6th) 11.2% (5th)
2 11.9% (4th) 12.9% (4th)
3 16.0% (3rd) 17.4% (3rd)
14 1 February 7, 2020 The Reason Why We Must Bring Back Lim Dong-gyu
(임동규를 다시 데려와야 하는 이유)
13.2% (6th) 14.4% (4th)
2 15.1% (3rd) 15.8% (3rd)
3 16.6% (2nd) 17.2% (2nd)
15 1 February 8, 2020 I'm Trying To Protect The Dreams At All Costs
(어떻게든 드림즈를 지키려고 합니다)
10.6% (6th) 11.6% (5th)
2 13.6% (4th) 14.6% (4th)
3 16.8% (3rd) 18.2% (3rd)
16 1 February 14, 2020 The Best Is For Sale
(최선은 매각입니다)
14.8% (5th) 15.8% (4th)
2 17.2% (3rd) 18.3% (3rd)
3 19.1% (2nd) 20.8% (1st)
Average 12.5% [c]
Special December 7, 2019 Hot Stove League Scout Report
(스토브리그 스카우트 리포트)
2.6% (NR)
Special February 15, 2020 Hot Stove League Final Report
(스토브리그 파이널 리포트)
3.9% (NR)
5.8% (NR)
  • In the table above, the xanh rờn numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.
  • NR denotes that the drama did not rank in the top trăng tròn daily programs on that date.
  • N/A denotes that the rating is not known.

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result Ref.
2020 The 241th PD Award of the Month PD of the Month Jeong Dong-yoon Won [20]
Lee Shin-hwa Won
56th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Drama Stove League Won [21][4]
Best Director (TV) Jeong Dong-yoon Nominated
Best Actor (TV) Namkoong Min Nominated
Best Screenplay (TV) Lee Shin-hwa Nominated
47th Korean Broadcasting Awards Best Drama TV Stove League Nominated [22][23]
Best Art Lee Yong-tak Won
15th Seoul International Drama Awards Best Mini-Series Stove League Nominated [24][25]
Outstanding Korean Drama Won
Best Director Jeong Dong-yoon Nominated
33rd Grimae Awards Best Picture (Drama) Stove League Won [26][27]
Best Actor Namkoong Min Won
Best Actress Park Eun-bin Won
Best Lighting Choi Jong-geun Won
14th Media Awards Excellence Award in a Terrestrial Content Drama Stove League Won [28]
SBS Drama Awards Grand Prize (Daesang) Namkoong Min Won [29]
Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Genre/Action Drama Nominated
Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries Genre/Action Drama Oh Jung-se Nominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a Miniseries Genre/Action Drama Park Eun-bin Nominated
Best Character Award, Actor Oh Jung-se Won
Best Supporting Actor Jo Han-sun Nominated
Best Supporting Team Stove League Won
Best New Actor Jo Byung-gyu Won
Ha Do-kwon Nominated
2021 25th Asian Television Awards Best Drama Series Stove League Nominated [30]
7th APAN Star Awards Top Excellent Actor in a Miniseries Namkoong Min Nominated [31][32]
Excellent Actress in a Miniseries Park Eun-bin Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Oh Jung-se Won
Best Writer Lee Shin Hwa Won
SBS Commendation Audience satisfaction target Stove League Won [33]
33th Korea PD Awards Best word for drama Stove League Won [34]
Talented actor Namkoong Min Won
WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival Platium Remi for TV series Stove League Won [35]


  1. ^ Broadcast is delayed due to lớn the 2019 SBS Entertainment Awards broadcast.
  2. ^ a b Broadcast is delayed due to lớn the 2020 Lunar New Year special broadcast.
  3. ^ Due to lớn some ratings not recorded, the exact average rating is unknown.

See also[edit]

  • Ted Lasso, American comedy series about an American football coach recruited by an English soccer team despite having no experience with the sport


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  • Official website (in Korean)
  • Hot Stove League at IMDb
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