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Kanaphan Puitrakul

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คณพันธ์ ปุ้ยตระกูล

Born3 September 1998 (age 25)

Bangkok, Thailand

Other namesFirst
  • Actor
  • Model
  • Host
Years active2016–present
Known for
  • Ryu in Wake Up Ladies
  • Jim Bae in Blacklist
  • Kim in The Shipper
  • Yok in Not Me
  • Phupha in F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers
  • Poi in Astrophile
  • Akk in The Eclipse
  • Alan in Moonlight Chicken
  • Sand in Only Friends
Height184 cm (6 ft 0 in)[1]

Kanaphan Puitrakul (Thai: คณพันธ์ ปุ้ยตระกูล; also known as First (Thai: เฟิร์ส), born 3 September 1998) is a Thai actor, model and host. He is best known for his roles in Wake Up Ladies: The Series, Blacklist, The Shipper, Not Me, F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers, Astrophile and The Eclipse. He is also popular for his role as a host in Toe Laew season 1 and 2.[2]

Early life and education[edit]

First was born in Bangkok, Thailand. He completed his secondary education in Suankularb Wittayalai School. In 2021, he graduated with second-class honors from Srinakharinwirot University with a bachelor's degree in Cyber Business Management.[3][4][5]

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In năm 2016, First started his acting career at the age of eightteen. He auditioned for The Assassin (ฆาตกร), a movie produced for Children's Day, and was selected for the main role out of a poule of 100 teenagers.[6][7][8] In 2017, he participated in the "Cool Man Good Man" competition, where he entered Top 4.[9] Later that year he was hired by KA Cosmetics, together with Poompat Iam-samang (Up), for a yaoi television advertisement which went viral years later.[10][11][12]

In 2018 he joined production and talent company GMMTV and made his television debut in Wake Up Ladies: The Series. In the same year, he became one of the hosts of GMM25's popular travel based show Toe Laew. In 2020, he reprised his role as host in the show's second season.[13][14] First has been a regular guest on Thai variety and game show School Rangers since he joined GMMTV. He became a main host on the show in 2022.[15]

In 2019, First had a main role in series Wolf and Blacklist.[16][17] The following year he starred in The Shipper[18] and appeared in the sequel series Wake Up Ladies: Very Complicated. In 2021, he garnered a lot of attention for his role as "Yok" in successful series Not Me.[19]

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In 2022, First starred as Akk in The Eclipse opposite his real-life best friend Khaotung Thanawat Rattanakitpaisan.[20] The two play a couple in the series, and their pairing gained immense popularity online both domestically in Thailand and overseas. The Eclipse also received positive reviews from both national and international audiences. The series won “Best BL Series” at the 2022 Thailand Digital Awards.[21] In the same year he also starred in series F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers[22] and Astrophile.[23] And had a small role in the Netflix movie The Lost Lotteries.[24]

In 2023, First starred in Moonlight Chicken. The show won "Best LGBTQ+ Programme Made in Asia" at the ContentAsia Awards 2023.[25] He also reprised his role as Akk in Our Skyy 2. Together with co-star Khaotung Thanawat he released the Our Skyy OST ฟังดีดี (Your World, My World) under GMMTV Records.[26] He is currently starring in the ongoing ensemble series Only Friends, also alongside Khaotung Thanawat. [27]

Personal Image[edit]

First has his own clothing brand "Momento".[28] By September 2023, he had over 2.6M followers on Instagram.[29]





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