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Kazuha is a character in Genshin Impact 4.0 that uses Anemo Sword. See best builds, teams, weapons, skills, materials, weapon, artifact, tier, kit for & rating!

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Table of Contents

  • Character Tier
  • Best Build
  • Best Weapon
  • Best Artifacts
  • Best Team Comp
  • How To Use?
  • Ascension & Talent Materials
  • Should You Wish or Get?

Kazuha Tier


**The Tiers above are ranked in 6 levels. With SS being the highest and D the lowest.

Tiers: SS → S → A → B → C → D

Strengths & Weakness Of Kazuha

- Greatly boosts Elemental DMG of the whole team
↳When paired with Viridescent Venerer, your DMG will be significantly increased.
- Gathers enemies around you making it easy to tát perform combos.
↳Can destroy the poise of large enemies as well.
- Can also produce decent DMG while performing his role as a buffer.
- Split Scaling between personal damage and tư vấn
↳ Before C6
- Crowd control may suffer from cooldown
↳ CD can be improved upon reaching his first constellation or using Sacrificial Sword.
Elemental Mastery buff is locked behind Constellations.
↳ At C0, only DMG Bonus can be boosted.

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Kazuha Best Build

Kazuha Swirl Support Build

This build will make Kazuha a great Anemo Support, capable of increasing the damage of his team and providing debuffs to tát enemies. With a high EM, his Swirls will be able to tát khuyến mãi significant damage as well!

Kazuha Anemo Main DPS Build

For this build, Kazuha's raw Anemo DMG will be increase significantly. This will also allow him to tát become a main DPS if you want to tát though it is less effective at lower constellations.

Character Build Forum

Kazuha Best Weapon

Kazuha Swirl Support Build

Elemental Mastery Weapons Are A Must

For this build, it's recommended that you build as much Elemental Mastery as possible. With this, it's better to tát use a weapon with an Elemental Mastery sub-stat.

Kazuha Anemo Main DPS Build

Prioritize CR/CD Weapons

Since your goal for this build is to tát khuyến mãi as much Anemo damage as you can, it's better to tát opt for a weapon with either a Crit Rate or Crit DMG sub-stat. This will make it easier for you to tát build a good CR/CD ratio through your artifacts.

All Weapon List

Kazuha Best Artifacts

Kazuha Swirl Support Build Artifacts

Best Artifacts For Swirl Support Build

Artifact Stat Priority

Flower IconMain: Flat HP
Sub: Elemental Mastery / Energy Recharge
Feather IconMain: Flat ATK
Sub: Elemental Mastery / Energy Recharge
Sands IconMain: Elemental Mastery
Sub: Energy Recharge
Goblet IconMain: Elemental Mastery
Sub: Energy Recharge
Crown IconMain: Elemental Mastery
Sub: Energy Recharge

Full Set Viridescent Venerer Is The Best Set

This build will not work without a full mix of Viridescent Venerer. This is due to tát the 4-piece effect providing a 60% increase for Swirl DMG and the RES reduction of 40% to tát enemies affected by Swirl. Gilded Dreams can also be used but this will greatly decrease the power up provided by Kazuha.

Triple EM For Higher DMG Bonus

Going triple EM is the goal for this build, but if you find it hard to tát farm for EM pieces for Viridescent Venerer, prioritize simply building a 4-piece mix instead. You can change the pieces later on when you get your hands on EM ones. Elemental Mastery does not only increase the DMG it also increases the Swirl DMG of Kazuha.

Kazuha Anemo Main DPS Build Artifacts

Best Artifacts For Anemo Main DPS Build

Artifact Stat Priority

Flower IconMain: Flat HP
Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / ATK% / Energy Recharge / Elemental Mastery
Feather IconMain: Flat ATK
Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / ATK% / Energy Recharge / Elemental Mastery
Sands IconMain: ATK%
Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / ATK% / Energy Recharge / Elemental Mastery
Goblet IconMain: Anemo DMG Bonus
Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / ATK% / Energy Recharge / Elemental Mastery
Crown IconMain: Crit Rate/DMG
Sub: Crit Rate/DMG / ATK% / Energy Recharge / Elemental Mastery

Build CR/CD In Sub-Stats

Your priority should be building a good CR/CD for this build. This will ensure that you khuyến mãi good damage and increases the chance of your attacks dealing crits.

Full Viridescent Venerer Is Best Even At Main DPS

Main DPS Kazuha, even at C6, giao dịch most DMG through swirling different Elements. 4pc. VV increases the DMG of this swirls making it better for On-Field Kazuha.

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Kazuha Best Team Comp

Premium Team For Kazuha

EnablerSub-DPSSub-DPS / HealerMain DPS
KazuhaKazuhaNahidaNahidaKuki ShinobuKuki ShinobuAyatoAyato
- Hyperbloom Team with Kazuha
- Ayato as main DPS will work well with Kuki Shinobu and Nahida for continues Bloom and Hyperbloom
- Kazuha will increase the DMG of the team of the whole and apply shred to tát enemies.
- Kazuha increases the EM of characters at higher constellations enabling higher DMG for reaction

Other Characters That Works With Kazuha

Free To Play Friendly Party

Main DPSSub-DPSSub-DPSSupport
- A relatively free-to-play team comp for Kazuha
- Focus will be on increasing the Elemental DMG and the Elemental Reaction dmg of the whole team

Best Teams For Kazuha

Kazuha Guide - How To Use Kazuha?

Recommended Rotation For Kazuha

Recommended Rotation
1Apply an element to tát the enemy first
2Switch to tát Kazuha and use his Elemental Skill
3Switch to tát another character to tát khuyến mãi reactions with the Swirl reaction or switch to tát another character with the same element as the swirled element to tát khuyến mãi higher damage
4When available, use Kazuha's Elemental Burst
5Switch to tát another character and use their attacks
6Repeat Step 2

Uses Of Kazuha's Elemental Skill

▲Gathers enemies and giao dịch powerful Plunge Damage.

Quick & Easy To Use Crowd Control Skill

Kazuha's Elemental Skill is a great Crowd Control ability since it can group enemies easily and is on a relatively short cooldown. The first vacuum reduces the poise (resistance to tát interruption of enemies) greatly. After doing a plunge attack after using Elemental Skill, a small vortex will spawn where you land, pulling enemies there.

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Tap & Hold Changes The Duration & Damage

You have the option of simply tapping or holding Kazuha's Elemental Skill. They both have the same effect, but holding Kazuha's Elemental Skill will change the duration of the vortex and the damage of the Skill itself.

Elemental Skill Is Good For Quick Swirl

If Kazuha swirls an element, it would give raw Elemental DMG bonus of the swirled element to tát the team. Together with the Viridescent Venerer, Kazuha will be able to tát provide Buff and debuff for the team.

Also Good For Traveling & Farming

Elemental Skill of Kazuha can gather drops from enemies for easy gathering. You can also use it mid-air to tát reach areas that is normally not reachable by other characters.

Uses Of Kazuha's Elemental Burst

Mainly Used To Deal Damage & Consistent Swirls

Kazuha's Elemental Burst is mainly used to tát khuyến mãi Elemental damage to tát enemies. The Burst will absorb an element inflicted to tát the enemies it hit and will also khuyến mãi damage of that Element.

At C2, It Provides Elemental Mastery Boost

At C2, Kazuha's Elemental Burst will provide 200 Elemental Mastery to tát characters inside the field. This becomes an amazing buff for the team's reaction damage.

Kazuha Ascension Materials

Lack materials in your world? Search for people who would lượt thích to tát help in this: Item Exchange Thread

Materials Needed for Level Ascension

Sea Ganoderma Farm Routes

Sea Ganoderma Farm Routes

Sea Ganoderma Farm Routes

Talent Materials For Kazuha

Kazuha 's Recommended Talent Priority

TalentLevel Up Priority
Normal Attack: Garyu Bladework★★・・・
Chihayaburu (Elemental Skill)★★★★★
Kazuha Slash (Elemental Burst)★★★★・

Should You Get Or Wish For Kazuha?

What Kind Of Character Is Kazuha?

Kazuha Is An Elemental DMG Boost Support Character


Kazuha is an amazing character that greatly increases the DMG of swirl-able elements while providing crowd-control. At high constellation, he can also provide Elemental Mastery boost which will further increase the overall DMG of the team.

Pull For A Powerful Anemo Support


Kazuha's one of the strongest Anemo tư vấn characters currently in the game. He is a must get for various team comps especially those with swirl-able Elements since just by using his skill will significantly increase the damage.

Best Constellation For Kazuha

Constellation 2 For Elemental Mastery Buff

By unlocking Kazuha's second constellation, his Burst will provide additional Elemental Mastery when they stay within its range. This is a significant increase of 200 EM.

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