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Lee Jee Hoon

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BornMarch 27, 1979 (age 44)

Seoul, South Korea

Other namesLee Jee Hoon
Yi Jee Hoon
  • Actor
  • singer
Years active1996–present

Miura Ayane

(m. 2021)

Korean name


Revised RomanizationI Ji-hun
McCune–ReischauerYi Chi-hun
Websitehttp://www.leejeehoon.co.kr (Korean)
http://www.leejeehoon.jp/ (Japanese)

Lee Jee Hoon (Korean: 이지훈; Hanja: 李志勳; born March 27, 1979)[1] is a South Korean singer and actor.


Lee made his debut on October 15, 1996,[1] while he was still in high school, with the single "Why the Heaven". He had not been able vĩ đại release a solo album since his 4 album released in February 2001. Instead of performing on stage as a solo singer, he and Kangta formed a project group called the "S" with their close singer friend, Shin Hye-sung.

In May 2004, Lee released a new album as a solo vocalist.[2] The title tuy vậy of the new album was "Trinity", a ballad sung with a shouting-like singing style. Female vocalist Lee Soo-young and Shin Hye-sung,[2] a thành viên of Shinhwa, participated in the new album by Lee.

He also acted in the movie, Lovely Rivals and Wet Dreams 2. His first major role was as Kim Jaewon's rival for Eugene's affections in Wonderful Life. He then starred in Hello! Miss and New Heart. He also starred in KBS daily drama You Are My Destiny opposite of Girls' Generation thành viên, Im Yoona.

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In March 2011, Lee signed with Japanese label EMI Music nhật bản. Lee performed as male lead Daniel, rotating with Um Ki-joon, Ahn Jae-wook, Song Seung-hyun of FT Island and Lee Sungmin of Super Junior in the musical Jack the Ripper from July 5 vĩ đại August 14, 2011, at Chungmu Arts Hall.[3]

In September 2013, it was announced that Lee had been cast as Fiyero Tigelaar in the Korean production of the musical Wicked.[4]

Personal life[edit]

In April 2021, Lee announced on his Instagram that he would marry his non-celebrity girlfriend. The wedding will be held in October 2021.[5] But the wedding had vĩ đại be postponed vĩ đại November 2021 due vĩ đại COVID-19. and the wedding will take place on November 8, 2021.[6]


Studio albums[edit]



Year Title Role Ref.
2004 Lovely Rivals Kwon Sang-choon [11]
New Royal Secret Commissioner voice
2005 Wet Dreams 2 Kang Bong-goo
2013 Good Friends Joon-oh
2022 Idol Recipe Bae Jae-seong [12]


Year Title Role
2005 Wonderful Life Min Do-yun
2006–2007 Billie Jean, Look at Me Choi Hye-sung
2007 Hello! Miss Hwang Dong-gyu
2007–2008 New Heart Lee Dong-gwon
2008–2009 You Are My Destiny Kim Tae-poong
2009 Can't Stop Now Noh Soo-ri
2010–2011 The King of Legend Hae Gun
2011 Drama Special "Identical Criminals" Han Sang-won
2011–2012 My Daughter the Flower Eun Chae-wan
2012–2013 Glass Mask Kim Seon-jae
2013 You Are the Best! Kim Young-hoon
2016 Jang Yeong-sil Jang Hee-je
2016–2017 My Fair Lady Cha Chi-soo
2023–2024 Korea–Khitan War Jang Yeon-woo[13]

Web shows[edit]

Radio shows[edit]

Music Clip appearances[edit]

Musical theatre[edit]

Year Title Role
2006 Altar Boyz Matthew
2008–2009 Hamlet Hamlet
2009 March of Youth Wang Gyeong-tae
2009–2010 The Harmonium in My Memory Kang Dong-soo
2010 Brave Brothers Joo Bong
Thrill Me Richard Loeb
2011 High-tech Musical Wonhyo Wonhyo
Jack The Ripper Daniel
The Three Musketeers D'Artagnan
2011–2012 Evita Che
2012 Lovers in Paris Han Ki-joo
2013 Elisabeth Luigi Lucheni
2013–2014 Wicked Fiyero
2014 Priscilla, Queen of the Desert Anthony "Tick" Belrose ("Mitzi Mitosis")
2014–2015 La Cage aux Folles Albin
2015 Elisabeth Luigi Lucheni
2015–2016 Le Passe-Muraille Dusoleil
2016 Mozart![17] Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Kinky Boots[18] Charlie
2017 Hero[19] Ahn Jung-geun
Hamlet Hamlet
Interview Sinclair Gordon
2018 Anna Karenina Count Vronsky
Bungee Jumping of Their Own In Woo
2021 Xcalibur [20] King Arthur
2022 Xcalibur Lancelot[21]
Gwangju Yoon Yi-geon[22]
Elisabeth Luigi Lucheni[23]
2022–2023 The Devotion of Suspect X Yukawa[24]
2015 Ruth Boaz[25]
Ber-Hur Messala[26]


  • 1997년 02월 15일 <MBC TV 인기가요 BEST 50 1위> (First place MBC TV Best 50 Songs)
  • 1997년 02월 19일 < KBS TV 가요 TOP 10 1위> (First place KBS TV Top Ten Songs)
  • 1997년 02월 29일 < MBC TV 인기가요 BEST 50 1위> (First place MBC TV Best 50 Songs)
  • 1997년 03월 2일 < SBS TV 가요 đôi mươi 1위> (First place SBS TV Top đôi mươi Songs)
  • 1997년 03월 12일 <KBS TV 가요 TOP 10 1위> (First place KBS Top Ten Songs)
  • 1997년 12월 4일 <스포츠 서울가요 대상 "신인상" 수상> (Best New Artist Sports Seoul Music Awards)
  • 1997년 12월 14일 <일간스포츠 영상음반 대상 "10대 가수상"수상> (Il Gan Sports Award Top Ten Singer)
  • 1997년 12월 14일 <KMTV 97 가요대전 "인기가수상" 수상> (KMTV 97 Gayo Challenge "Most Popular Singer")
  • 1997년 12월 28일 <SBS TV 가요대상 "신인상" 수상> (Best New Artist SBS Music Award)
  • 1997년 12월 30일 < KBS TV 가요대상 "인기가수상" 수상> (Best New Artist KBS Music Award)
  • 1년 03월 10 일 MBC TV 음악캠프 1위 (First place MBC TV Music Camp)
  • 1년 03월 31 일 MBC TV 음악캠프 1위 (First place MBC TV Music Camp)
  • 2001년 04월 1 일 SBS TV 인기가요 1위 (First place SBS TV Popular Gayo)
  • 2003년 10월 25일 MBC TV 음악캠프 "I SWEAR> 1위 (First place "I Swear" MBC TV Music Camp)


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