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Doraemon the Movie 2017: Nobita's Great Adventure in the Antarctic Kachi Kochi

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Japanese name
Kanjiドラえもん のび太の南極カチコチ大冒険
Literal meaningDoraemon: Nobita's Great Adventure in the Antarctic Kachi Kochi
Revised HepburnDoraemon Nobita no Nankyoku Kachi Kochi Dai Bōken
Directed byAtsushi Takahashi
Written byFujiko F. Fujio
Screenplay byAtsushi Takahashi
Based onDoraemon
by Fujiko F. Fujio
  • Wasabi Mizuta
  • Megumi Ōhara
  • Yumi Kakazu
  • Tomokazu Seki
  • Subaru Kimura
  • Chiaki
  • Rie Kugimiya
  • Aya Endo
  • Nao Toyama
Music byKan Sawada


Shin-Ei Animation

Distributed byToho

Release date

  • March 4, 2017

Running time

101 minutes
Budget$8 million
Box office$61.4 million

Doraemon the Movie 2017: Nobita's Great Adventure in the Antarctic Kachi Kochi[a] is a Japanese animated science-fiction film. It is the 37th installment in the Doraemon movie series. It is directed and written by Atsushi Takahashi.[1] Takahashi was an assistant director on Hayao Miyazaki's Academy Award-winning Spirited Away.[2]


The film starts with 100,000 years ago, Carla losing her gold ring. On the other hand, unable lớn endure the mid-summer heat, Doraemon transports Nobita and his friends lớn a huge iceberg floating in the South Pacific. While creating an amusement park with the secret gadget "Ice-Working Iron", Nobita finds a mysterious golden ring in the ice and he asks Doraemon lớn tìm kiếm how old the golden ring was. After learning that the ring was buried in Antarctica 100,000 years ago, Doraemon tells Nobita and his friends that nobody had discovered Antarctica until 1773, Doraemon and his friends change their clothes lớn winter clothes and use Anywhere Door lớn visit Antarctica in tìm kiếm of its owner. They melt a xanh lơ elephant lượt thích structure whom Nobita calls Mosuke who was frozen in emice[clarification needed] with a bag. After facing many threats they come across the ruins of a huge thành phố buried in the ice, and then travel back in time lớn meet Carla and Professor Hyakkoi, who are connected lớn the mysterious ring and finally meet them and Carla's yellow elephant Yuka-tan similar lớn Mosuke; however, the group must fight for survival as Doraemon risks plunging the Earth into another ice age. When everything starts freezing, Nobita, Shizuka, Suneo, Gian, Carla, Mosuke, Doraemon and Yuka-tan decide lớn travel 100,000 years later lớn survive but Doraemon and Yuka-tan are separated from the group while they reach in future. But they are unable lớn go back in time since the time belt battery is empty. Back in time, Doraemon remembers Dorami's prediction that his lucky star can save him from getting frozen and freezes Yuka-tan with the bag of gadgets and the battery. Mosuke gives the bag lớn Nobita which was frozen with it and Nobita says Mosuke is none other than thở Yuka-tan frozen by Doraemon lớn send them the battery. Everyone travel back in time and save Doraemon and fight the ice giant. The film ends with showing Doraemon and his friends saying farewell lớn their friend Carla and Professor as they prepare lớn leave earth, after this Doraemon and his friends return lớn the home page, Doraemon shows Nobita the planet's (where Carla and Professor lived or home page planet of Carla and Professor) ice is melting and after some time the planet returns lớn it normal condition and in the last sentence of the film before credits, Nobita's Mom calls him and Doraemon for dinner. The planet's position was given lớn Doraemon by professor. Doraemon uses a telescope lớn view the planet.

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Character Japanese voice actor
Doraemon Wasabi Mizuta
Nobita Megumi Ōhara
Shizuka Yumi Kakazu
Suneo Tomokazu Seki
Gian Subaru Kimura
Dorami Chiaki
Tamako Nobi Kotono Mitsuishi
Nobisuke Nobi Yasunori Matsumoto
Professor Hyakkoi Daisuke Namikawa
Carla Rie Kugimiya
Octogon Masumi Yagi[3]
Yamitem Shigeo Takahashi[3]
Mofusuke Aya Endo
Yuka-tan Nao Toyama
Brisaga Ayaka Hirahara
Pao Pao Mai Asada, Nobunari Oda

Theme song[edit]

  • Boku no kokoro wo tsukutte yo, Make My Heart (僕の心をつくってよ, Make My Heart) by Ken Hirai.


The film was released in nhật bản on 4 March 2017.[4] This movie released in India on August 14, 2022 on Hungama TV.[5]

Box office[edit]

Debuting on 371 screens with Toho distributing, Doraemon the Movie 2017: Great Adventure in the Antarctic Kachi Kochi earned $6.1 million on 592,036 admissions in its first weekend and ranked 1 on Japanese box office.[6] Doraemon's 37th film made highest second weekend gross and highest total after second weekend in the franchise and is the fastest Doraemon's film lớn reach ¥4 billion milestone within 37 days of release.

Here is a table which shows the box office of this movie of all the weekends in Japan:

# Rank Weekend Weekend gross Total gross till current weekend
1 1 March 4–5 ¥691,813,500 ($6.1 million)[7] ¥691,813,500 ($6.1 million)
2 2 March 11–12 ¥507,416,050 ($4.4 million)[8] ¥1,335,367,550 ($11.6 million)
3 3 March 18–19 ¥381,033,500 ($3.4 million) ¥1,883,054,900 ($16.8 million)
4 4 March 25–26 ¥304,031,100 ($2.7 million) ¥2,646,925,600 ($23.8 million)[9]
5 4 April 8–2[10] ¥278,872,700 ($2.5 million) ¥3,537,579,600 ($31.7 million)
6 5 April 8–9 ¥166,112,900 ($1.5 million) ¥4,038,973,500 ($36.3 million)
7 6 April 15–16 ¥71,000,000 ($655,000) ¥4,140,000,000 ($37.3 million)[11]
8 10 April 22–23 ¥39,704,100 ($361,000) ¥4,197,254,100 ($37.8 million)
9 - April 29–30 ¥31,000,000 ($273,000) ¥4,240,000,000 ($38.1 million)
10 - May 6–07 ¥32,000,000 ($282,000) ¥4,340,000,000 ($38.9 million)
11 - May 13–14 ¥9,000,000 ($80,800) ¥4,360,000,000 ($39.1 million)
FINAL TOTAL - - - ¥4,430,000,000[12] ($39.49 million)

The film was released in Đài Loan Trung Quốc on May 30, 2017, and grossed CN¥149 million ($22.05 million) after completing its theatrical lập cập.[13]

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It was released in Hong Kong on August 3, 2017, and grossed HK$8.2 million (US$1.1 million).

In South Korea, it was released on August 11, 2017, and grossed $1,042,480 after completing its theatrical lập cập. The film also grossed $74,855 in Turkey.[14] In total, the film grossed over $61.4 million worldwide.[15]

Other media[edit]

A đoạn phim game based on the film for the Nintendo 3DS was released in nhật bản on March 2, 2017.[16]


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