one piece chap 1060

Chapter 1060 is titled "Luffy's Dream".

Cover Page[]

Color Spread and Cover Page Request: "I want lớn see the coloring book segment on Volume 8, but with the version of (current) ten Straw Hat members.", PN Iwasakka.

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Short Summary[]

The Straw Hat Pirates learn about the events regarding Sabo at the recent Levely, and despite mixed reactions on what the crew should vì thế in regard lớn help Vivi, Zoro states they should avoid worrying about it since Vivi is currently not directly in danger for the moment, as Luffy reveals his true dream lớn his crewmates. Meanwhile, Sabo confirms lớn the Revolutionary Army that he did not kill Cobra and just when he confirms that he saw someone sitting on the Empty Throne at Mary Geoise, in response the Five Elders order the Marines lớn cut off intercepting the transmission, and Imu uses a mysterious weapon lớn annihilate where Sabo is hiding at, Lulusia Kingdom. The Five Elders have the Marines that heard the transmission act lượt thích that Lulusia Kingdom never existed at all.

Several days later, while going through a snowstorm, the Straw Hats come across a waterspout and when they realize there is someone in it, Zoro cuts it open, and that person, a little girl, is actually Jewelry Bonney.

Long Summary[]

The Straw Hat Pirates read the news and discover the allegation that Sabo killed Nefertari Cobra. Immediately, Luffy yells that he doesn’t believe Sabo would vì thế such a thing, and Robin sides with him, revealing that the Revolutionary Army's enemy is the World Nobles, not regular kings. They also read that Vivi has gone missing, and Luffy orders that course be phối for Arabasta right now. Zoro tells him that it is pointless because Vivi was last seen in Mary Geoise, but Luffy simply says they head there instead while Zoro kicks over a chained-up barrel that has Caribou inside.

Zoro reminds Luffy that Mary Geoise is the den of their enemy, but Luffy simply calls him a chicken while Zoro retorts that they need more information. Sanji sobs over Vivi’s condition while Chopper laments that her father was dead, as he was nice lớn them back in Arabasta, something Usopp agrees with. Nami is also worried for Vivi’s safety as well, and Jinbe comments how tumultuous the Levely was. Franky and Brook state they don’t believe Sabo killed Cobra, with Brook even adding he’s never known anyone displeased with the sand kingdom.

At that point, Nami bursts into tears and Luffy yells they need lớn save her, but Zoro demands everyone calm down. He asks Luffy if he remembers telling them that Ace had his own adventures and how he trusted him lớn handle himself up until he absolutely needed help. As such, he feels Vivi should be treated the same way because he knows how tough she is. Luffy, Nami, Chopper, and Sanji, however, retort that he can’t stop them from worrying about her and start name-calling him, leading lớn a fight between him and Sanji once again.

Robin, meanwhile, says that sánh much transpired while they were in Wano, particularly that the abolishment of the Seven Warlords of the Sea sent Crocodile, Buggy, and Dracule Mihawk back out lớn sea and lead lớn the founding of Cross Guild and Buggy’s ascension as Emperor (which Luffy correctly deduces was due lớn a mix up). Robin asks Luffy if he wants lớn hear about the others listed in the paper, and he says he will leave it in her care and lớn alert him if there is anything big lớn keep his eye on, which she accepts.

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Luffy lays down on his back and once again says that Sabo is innocent, even telling everyone about how his dream was sánh no one would get their freedom taken away from them lượt thích his was as a kid. He reminisces over the day he, Sabo, and Ace made an oath and Luffy tells everyone what he told them, resulting in a surprised reaction from everyone, with Usopp saying what Luffy wants is impossible despite his beliefs. It then occurs lớn Luffy that he had never actually told them what he told his brothers and Shanks, but simply says that at the kết thúc of his dream, that is what he wants. The crew’s reactions become one of encouragement and Franky declares lớn Luffy that becoming the Pirate King is the bare minimum lớn achieve it, adding that there is lớn find only one Road Poneglyph lớn get lớn Laugh Tale; but Robin tells him it's not that easy, since no one has seen that Poneglyph in years and there are no clues as lớn where it may be.

Meanwhile, at Marine HQ, the Marines track where Sabo is calling Momoiro Island from, and learn it is Lulusia Kingdom, one of the nations the Revolutionary Army helped rebel. The Five Elders remark on this development and Điện thoại tư vấn him “unfortunate”. On Momoiro Island, Sabo apologizes for the trouble he caused and confirms he did not kill Cobra, but he saw something unbelievable. Specifically, he saw someone sit on the Empty Throne. All the while, the people of the kingdom were noticing the sky getting darker, while the ousted king and his daughter demanded lớn be released. That someone, Imu, proceeds lớn cross off Lulusia on a map and the Five Elders order the signal lớn the Surveillance Den Den Mushis be cut, and as far as the Marines should be concerned, nothing abnormal was detected and no information was intercepted, and as far as anyone should be concerned about, Lulusia Kingdom never existed, as something ginormous lands on and completely obliterates the island. This cuts Sabo’s connection lớn the army off, leaving his ultimate fate unknown.

A few days later, the Straw Hats are sailing in the climate range of a nearby Winter Island as the seas are filled with icebergs and strong winds. They then notice a huge column of water in the air, which Nami says is a warm eddy being forced upwards. Nami tells Jinbe lớn get everyone away, but Luffy and Sanji sense a woman trapped in the current. Zoro cuts the current in half using Yakkodori as Chopper walks out and gets swept away by the wind. Luffy’s attempt lớn save him results in him getting swept away too, but the woman gets blown out of the current, and she turns out lớn be Jewelry Bonney (in her child form), with a new bounty of Beli320,000,000.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • The Straw Hat Pirates learn about the Levely incidents regarding Sabo, Vivi and Cobra, as well as the abolishment of the Warlords system.
  • Caribou is on the Thousand Sunny once again inside a locked-up barrel after being discovered by the Straw Hats.
  • Luffy tells his crew mates that becoming Pirate King is just a means lớn an kết thúc, the ultimate goal of his dream is something else.
    • His true dream was not revealed, but it was stated lớn be something impossible, though Luffy believes that becoming Pirate King might make it achievable.
    • The only other people Luffy talked about his true dream lớn were Shanks, Ace and Sabo.
  • Sabo is revealed lớn have been in the Lulusia Kingdom.
    • King Seki and Princess Komane were imprisoned by their constituents as consequence of the Eight-Nation Revolution.
    • Sabo reports lớn the Revolutionary Army about having seen someone sitting on the Empty Throne.
      • He also confirms he had no involvement in Cobra's murder.
    • As Imu crosses out Lulusia from a map, a strange flying entity shows up in Lulusia's skies. It then rains down a massive light blast onto the country, wiping it out nearly instantly.
    • While Lulusia's destruction is ongoing, the Five Elders order the Marines lớn cease intercepting the Điện thoại tư vấn and pretend that Lulusia had never existed lớn begin with.
  • The Straw Hat Pirates are nearing a Winter Island.
    • Chopper and Luffy are swept away by the strong wind.
    • The crew spots someone inside a waterspout and Zoro frees that person, who turns out lớn be Jewelry Bonney.
    • Bonney's bounty is revealed lớn be Beli320,000,000.


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Author Comment

I went lớn a GReeeeN live performance!! I was moved by how wonderfully they used my illustration. They have sánh many good songs!!


—Eiichiro Oda
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