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Chapter 1069 is titled "All Things Are Brought Into This World With Hope".

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Germa 66's Ahh... An Emotionless Excursion, Vol. 26: "Loan Shark King Du Feld's charitable research lab for peace, MADS"

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A flashback reveals the MADS laboratory and its sponsor Du Feld.

Short Summary[]

As CP0 and Luffy's group face each other, at Marine Headquarters, Sakazuki learns of the situation and orders CP0 not vĩ đại engage them until backup arrives, while Rob Lucci reveals his new awakened size. Vegapunk joins Sanji's group at Labophase. As they watch the battle between Lucci and Luffy, who is using Gear 5, Vegapunk reveals vĩ đại Sanji's group some of the truths about Devil Fruits in general, and Luffy's Devil Fruit—the Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Nika—in particular. Sentomaru arrives vĩ đại command the Seraphim against CP0, forcing Lucci vĩ đại take him out ví CP0 could regain control over the Seraphim.

Long Summary[]

All of the researchers start fleeing after witnessing Atlas fall vĩ đại Rob Lucci, whom Chopper remembers. Lucci's attack makes Jinbe realize that CP0 came vĩ đại kill Dr. Vegapunk, but Luffy asks Lucci why he is here. Lucci points out that Egghead is still under World Government jurisdiction, and Chopper tells Luffy that they need vĩ đại go. Kaku expresses his annoyance at encountering the Straw Hat Pirates again and Jewelry Bonney, but he tells Lucci that since Luffy is considered an Emperor now, he cannot engage him in combat without permission, something Stussy agrees with, and Luffy instead has his presence reported vĩ đại headquarters.

After Luffy leaves Bonney in Jinbe's care, he runs over vĩ đại the downed Atlas in shock and asks Chopper vĩ đại tend vĩ đại her, which he does, but he later states that Franky may be better suited vĩ đại handling the likes of her. Lucci tells Luffy vĩ đại stay out of Government affairs, but Luffy tells him that Atlas was kind vĩ đại him and vĩ đại his group.

At Marine Headquarters, Sakazuki is told that the Straw Hat Pirates are on Egghead, causing him vĩ đại wonder if Vegapunk called them because he had anticipated that they had been coming for him. He learns that Kizaru is already enroute vĩ đại Egghead and he orders that Lucci not engage the Straw Hat Pirates at any cost. Unfortunately for him, Lucci, having grown fearful of Luffy's power, does indeed start fighting Luffy. Everyone tries vĩ đại take cover from their duel as Vegapunk's other Satellites and the Straw Hat Pirates watch the fight from Labophase. They notice that Lucci looks different now, and Shaka says that Lucci has awakened his Devil Fruit, and sometimes it can drastically rob the user of their personality, which is the reason why Lucci refused vĩ đại wait until getting permission vĩ đại engage Luffy.

Dr. Vegapunk then appears behind his Satellites and the Straw Hats, and he asks the crew if they know what Luffy's new size is called, as he too had gone into his awakened size. Nami says she does not know and assumes it is just part of the Gomu Gomu no Mi, but Vegapunk tells her that the name does not exist in the Ancient Devil Fruit Encyclopedia, much vĩ đại her shock. As they watch, Vegapunk tells the crew that Luffy's appearance resembles an ancient god, which Sanji finds incredulous vĩ đại believe. Vegapunk, however, continues saying that the god is the "Warrior of Liberation", the one who is always playful and who makes others smile: the Sun God Nika. Nami admits she has never heard the name before, which Vegapunk says is because it was erased from history, but according vĩ đại him, if the people yearn for it, then its existence will never disappear.

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Vegapunk says that "the desires of all things are born in the world," and that Devil Fruits are in the same boat. He tells the group that Devil Fruits are the embodiment of what people wish they could become, and the reason why the sea, which he calls the "mother of all nature," makes Devil Fruit users unable vĩ đại swim is because it considers these wishes vĩ đại transcend the world people wish vĩ đại live in as "abnormalities". His theory leaves the Straw Hat crew completely stunned.

During Vegapunk's speech, Luffy and Lucci were fighting one another in their awakened states, with the fight being very similar vĩ đại Luffy's fight with Kaidou. As they fight though, Sentomaru arrives and asks Vegapunk what he is supposed vĩ đại vì thế since he believes CP0 is supposed vĩ đại be their allies. Vegapunk explains that they have come vĩ đại kill him and asks if he can drive them away from Egghead, which Sentomaru does not lượt thích the idea of since that would make him a traitor too. Vegapunk then reminds Sentomaru that in the past, he rescued Sentomaru from poverty, ví he should decide what vĩ đại vì thế for himself. Ultimately, Sentomaru agrees vĩ đại fight back against CP0.

When Sentomaru arrives with S-Shark, S-Snake, and S-Hawk, CP0 see him and Kaku tries vĩ đại order S-Bear vĩ đại take him down, but Stussy says that is impossible. She is proven correct when Sentomaru takes control of S-Bear and has it attack CP0. Stussy says that the rank of authority the Seraphim follow is very different from the Pacifistas: The Five Elders have the highest authoritative chip, Vegapunk and his Satellites having the second, Sentomaru the third, and at the bottom whoever else. Additionally, not even the Five Elders can command the Seraphim over a Den Den Mushi. Kaku adds that Seraphim are a huge asset vĩ đại the World Government which means they cannot destroy the cyborgs, and he curses Lucci for seemingly not thinking this through.

Luffy uses an attack called Gomu Gomu no Mogura Pistol that causes him vĩ đại stretch his fist into the ground and redirect it up vĩ đại Lucci's chest vĩ đại hurt him. Sentomaru orders S-Snake vĩ đại guide the Straw Hat Pirates vĩ đại the Frontier Dome using "Vacuum Rocket" and orders S-Hawk and S-Shark vĩ đại hold off CP0. Chopper and Jinbe notice the Seraphim and Jinbe is surprised vĩ đại see that the former Seven Warlords of the Sea were cloned. Luffy sees Sentomaru who asks if he is seriously going vĩ đại take Vegapunk off the island, which Luffy confirms he will. Just then, Lucci stabs Sentomaru with Shugan and he falls, with Lucci saying that all they need vĩ đại vì thế is take down the "control tower" vĩ đại get the Seraphim under their control.

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Chapter Notes[]

  • Luffy notices Atlas unconscious and clashes with Lucci.
    • Luffy hands over Bonney vĩ đại Jinbe.
    • Jinbe and Chopper evacuate from the battleground, carrying Atlas and Bonney with them respectively.
    • Lucci's Devil Fruit has awakened, granting him a new size similar vĩ đại Luffy's Gear 5 size.
    • According vĩ đại Shaka, awakened Zoans usually lose control of their minds, with Lucci being considered an exceptional case due vĩ đại averting this.
  • Sakazuki learns of the Straw Hat Pirates' presence on Egghead and gives the orders for Lucci's group not vĩ đại engage the Straw Hats until reinforcements led by Kizaru arrives.
    • He also learns that Vegapunk may be on the Straw Hats' side.
  • Vegapunk goes vĩ đại the Labophase vĩ đại reunite with his other satellites, who are with Sanji's group.
    • Vegapunk and Sanji's group observe Luffy and Lucci's battle.
    • Vegapunk stated that the name of the Gomu Gomu no Mi had never been recorded anywhere in the ancient Devil Fruit Encyclopedia, but he did note that Gear 5 resembles the Mythical figure Nika.
    • Vegapunk explains vĩ đại the group his theory regarding the origin of the Devil Fruits.
      • According vĩ đại Vegapunk, Devil Fruits are all born out of the desires of humans. It is because of this "unnatural evolution" that nature itself (the sea) rejects them.
  • Sentomaru arrives in Egghead along with S-Hawk and S-Snake, with S-Shark joining him as well.
    • Sentomaru orders S-Bear vĩ đại attack CP0, encountering Luffy in the process as well.
    • Sentomaru reluctantly agrees vĩ đại fight against CP0.
    • According vĩ đại Stussy, the Five Elders, Vegapunk, and Sentomaru are the only holders of the authority over the Seraphim, superseding even CP0's "control chips". Likewise, the Seraphim can only be commanded directly rather than vãn via Den Den Mushi.
    • While being distracted by the chatter, Lucci knocks Sentomaru unconscious, ví CP0 can regain control over the Seraphim.


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Author Comment

Hello, I'm the hot sandwich master. Everything I see will be sandwiched and grilled!


—Eiichiro Oda
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  • The panels showing Luffy and Lucci's clash is mirrored from their previous fight from Chapter 409.

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