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"An excellent piece of modding." - PC Gamer

"Yet another masterpiece from the Rick Sanchez of Nexusmods." - Kotaku

"OP ED: Suspected terrorist releases AI Mod UPON YOUR CHILDREN." - Fox News

"Out of all the recalibrated Fallout 4 AI subroutines I've seen out there, this one takes the cake." - Pablo Picasso

"Science. Plain and simple." - Genghis Khan

"A riveting erotic adventure from the depths of a disturbed mind. 10/10" - The New Yorker

"How did you get my phone number?" - Keanu Reeves

Want a big in-depth showcase of what real.AI is like? 
Check out this amazing series by ChillNPlayGames

I'm going to tát take a slight break from Real.AI to tát bởi some more work on my other mod, OBIV Statesec. This is the mod where I've learned the most about Fallout 4's AI and NPC behaviour, and if you ever want to tát see some of my more crazy/transformative changes to tát NPCs, then give it a try. I overhaul just about everything from AI, to tát animations, to tát blood/bleeding effects and even add new features such as emittance data and custom voices. It's fun if you want to tát play something other than thở Fallout 4. Getting the newest version on discord is recommended if you decide to tát kiểm tra it out. 
Here's a little showcase.

Welcome to tát Real.AI. The product of several of my unreleased/discontinued projects and several years of research into Bethesda's AI system going all the way back to tát my days learning how to tát mod Morrowind. 

There aren't a lot of people who have made AI mods for Bethesda games and understandably so sánh. It involves a lot of blind trial and error using elaborate sets of variables and formulas within the largely undocumented GMST indexes. For several years I've worked on trying to tát figure out ways to tát improve and tweak NPC behaviour and little by little I've managed to tát make some real inroads into understanding the complex maths used by Bethesda's many NPCs. 

And today I feel confident enough in my work to tát actually release the product of those labours. 

I have seen a lot of criticism directed at this mod based on complaints about gameplay. If you just want Skyrim with a different paintjob, or some AAA run rẩy of the mill FPS game then don't use this mod. This mod was made for a post-apocalyptic game. Ever watched Book of Eli? Or The Road? You know those post-apocalyptic settings where even the most mundane moments are charged with tension and danger? How, in the lawless apocalypse, seasoned scavengers move quietly and avoid open areas and treat every nook and cranny as a potential threat?

THAT'S what the post-apocalyptic genre is lượt thích. It's a world full of danger. So when I see people complaining about how they can't just saunter across an open field then I would kindly remind them that this is Fallout 4, not The Sound Of Music. So to tát anyone who wishes to tát tell bầm "I don't lượt thích this mod, it makes the world too perilous." then all I can say is this:

Alrighty then. So don't use it. It's optional. This mod is mostly intended for people who find surplus enjoyment in the immersion of carefully moving through dangerous environments, and having unexpected twists and turns. Who lượt thích a more tense and slower paced game where you need to tát rely a bit on your instincts and actually take in the adventure and nuances of the world around them. This mod will turn a 5 minute quest into a 30 minute quest, because some people lượt thích that. Some people enjoy the book more than thở the film, and that's the kind of pacing this mod offers. 

The reason why your stealth indicator is always at [CAUTION] is because that's war. That's how armed conflicts work. Even when a frontline soldier is enjoying some downtime by cracking jokes and taking turns playing Halo on some shitty jury rigged cathode ray television in their barracks, in their heads they're still at [CAUTION]. Because even though they're supposed to tát relax, the reality is that at just about any given moment the ceiling could cave in from a mortar shell and turn their immediate surroundings into a hazy nightmare covered in blood and ashes.

I điện thoại tư vấn it real.AI because it's real, because it's based on actual war psychology. I don't wanna go in too much on my past, but I have experiences of this. I was never in the army, but I grew up at a time when my family was targeted by actual terrorists who had plans to tát kill bầm and my parents. My dad had PTSD because of how he was involved in an operation where they actually killed the men who were after us. They died right in front of him. I know first hand how that sense of impending conflict affects people, and the way you exist in those circumstances. That's not something everyone wants, but that's what my product delivers. It has a very dark side to tát it, and some might argue that it's too much for a video clip game. But that's how creative expression works, you make what you know, it's your only claim to tát authenticity. 

UPDATE: The people have spoken, here's the real.AI dialogue patch for people who can't talk to tát quest NPCs etc:

UPDATE: I have now released a minor expansion for Real.AI, take a look here:


So what does this mod actually do? 

The complex and weird answer would be to tát say that it does thousands of things. But on a less pedantic level I'll try to tát summarise it with a few noteworthy things: 

1. It removes the "blinders" from the NPCs. Bethesda gave NPCs a series of invisible barriers that blocked their senses, meaning that they were essentially existing in a kind of bubble. This mod removes that bubble, allowing NPCs to tát interact with the world around them and to tát actually engage with their environment. As a result, snipers will actually snipe. Flanking NPCs will actually flank you. Buildings, firing positions and environmental features will become real to tát the many inhabitants of Fallout 4, and they will behave much more lượt thích living beings. 

2. It replaces hard limitations with soft limitations. To avoid the "psychic NPC" problem, a lot of the NPCs have been given weaker senses. So even though the bubble is gone, they are still not without humanising limitations. Their perception is now gradient depending on things lượt thích distance, line of sight, light levels, and numerous other factors. They can be fooled, distracted, outwitted, led astray and ambushed... but watch out, they might sometimes bởi the same to tát you. 

3. It adds elements of unpredictability. NPCs are given more miễn phí reign on choices they can make. They can circle around large objects, hide, ambush and attempt to tát trick the player. They will blindfire and engage targets based on assumptions if they have limited information. 

4. Stealth and detection is considerably more organic. You can now hide in the middle of combat, and enemies will tìm kiếm for you and blindfire if they're not actively seeing you. 

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5. Combat is 1000% less annoying since NPCs will stop goon rushing you the moment you're not immediately visible to tát them.

Here's a brief demonstration I put together, I didn't have the time to tát capture EVERYTHING the mod does (since I'd have to tát record on lots of different environments for that), but I hope it'll showcase some of the difference: 

Also special thanks to tát Arjafield for an even better showcase made with actual effort, give them a lượt thích and subscribe:

FAQ:Q: This mod makes radroaches notice my gunshots and attack bầm from all over the place! 
A: That's not my fault. Bethesda decided to tát program the radroaches as starving predators with zero concept of self-preservation. Tell Todd Howard to tát kiểm tra out the Discovery channel once in a while. 

Q: Does this mod work with X? 
A: Check the compatibility notes, I don't lượt thích making assumptions about other mods that I don't have enough time to tát test properly. It's not fair to tát other mod authors, and it's not fair to tát people who ask the questions either. Unless I can confidently assert that I know about something from experience, then I'd rather not say anything. 

Q: This mod makes combat really hard!
A: It really doesn't. It just has a learning curve. NPCs behave differently, which means you have to tát behave differently. Just experiment with some new tactics and I promise you the mod isn't that difficult. It's lượt thích Dark Souls, once you figure out how the combat system works it's pretty much lượt thích playing any other game. It only seems difficult because it subverts your expectations of how you're supposed to tát play it. 

Q: Is this safe to tát install/uninstall mid-game? 
A: Yes. If you want to tát be 100% safe then go to tát some area without any NPCs around and wait for 12 hours after uninstalling. But I'm 99% sure you could unplug it mid-combat and experience zero problems. 

Q: Favourite Bob Dylan album? 
A: No idea. I'm a millennial. I use Spotify. I don't even understand how you can have a favourite album when you can just make playlists. I lượt thích his tuy vậy about ducks though. But to tát be honest recently I've gotten really into Madonna. Just a good way to tát start the morning you know? 
Q: Load order? 
A: Unless you use other AI mods or possibly stealth mods, then load order shouldn't really matter beyond personal preference. At least on my kết thúc. I could see how some stealth mods might need priority. 

Q: Does this mod work with Vortex? 
A: Nothing works with Vortex. Don't even mention Vortex. Forget Vortex exists. It's cursed. If you say Vortex enough times then horrible things will happ-OH MY GOD MY HANDS JUST BURST INTO FLAMES QUICK SOMEBODY CALL AN AMBULANCE OR THE FLAME COPS I FORGET WHAT THE WORD IS IN ENGLISH BUT IT'S THE GUYS WITH THE BIG LADDERS ON THEIR TRUCKS SOMEBODY CALL THE LADDER TRUCK FLAME COPS! Q: Research notes? 
A: Work in progress,

but yes. 

Q: Why did you alter the corpse removal setting?
A: I altered one redundant corpse removal setting. Corpse cleanup is based on a timer AND a corpse limit. All the timer does is delete your loot randomly without any real value to tát optimisation. Since this mod focuses on NPCs and getting rid of console limitations, I felt lượt thích it ticked 2/3 boxes. It just fixes a bug basically. 

Q: I can't see the xạ thủ that's shooting me!
A: Congratulations, you've figured out why people become snipers. Try retreating. 


Real.AI is compatible with pretty much everything, even other AI mods. That's the beauty of GMST records. You just prioritise which ones you'd prefer in your load order. 

This does not alter combat styles, packages, companion orders or anything else related to tát normal data records. It's a very minimalistic mod in that sense. But still very powerful. 

Actually, you know what? This mod is incompatible with other AI mods. Not because it is, but because I keep getting comments from people using my mod in combination with other AI mods, and then tell bầm it's not working as intended. Of course not! You're combining it with other mods. It'll function just fine, but it'll bởi something different when you have mods installed that cause a different outcome. I figured this would be lượt thích... tautological levels of reality, but I guess it needs spelling out. 


I prefer to tát give open permissions to tát all my mods. But truth is, my life is kind of awful right now. I'm sick, I struggle with surviving, I can't seem to tát catch a break. So until I get back on my feet I'm gonna need to tát monopolise this mod and score some donation points. I'm really sorry about that. I bởi feel lượt thích a dick for how I can't stick to tát my principles.

It seems someone ported my mod to tát without authorisation. I am open to tát porting it to tát consoles after I am finished with the product, but I will not abide by such blatant opportunism. Had this jerk just asked, then I wouldn't have had to tát điện thoại tư vấn the Bethesda Police on him, but as it stands, tải về your console version while it's still up. I will add it at a later date when I feel lượt thích it's ready, and not a moment before. And it will especially not be done by some two bit chancer. 

If you want to tát port this mod to tát console, tương tác bầm. I don't mind as long as it's not some sneaky opportunist who wants to tát ride my coat tails. I want a competent and trustworthy person to tát bởi it. Also, I insist that the Bethesda port has to tát plug the charity I sometimes work for that provides food for low income families. If I can't get any cash out of it, then at least I think some kids should so sánh they don't have to tát grow up lượt thích I did. This is non-negotiable. DM bầm for details.

Console version is back, this time without the stench of western decadence:


It's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to tát use one of your favourite ballistic/bullet physics mods. Because of the AI's ability to tát engage at long distances, hitscanning can get pretty merciless. For those of you who don't know what hitscan means: It's a way to tát optimise the game by pre-calculating bullet trajectories using beams instead of moving projectiles. Kind of lượt thích laser tag. It's useful to tát make games run rẩy well on console or in multiplayer FPS games, but for a single player PC game it just makes combat feel needlessly nhái. Consider using something lượt thích Weapons Of Fate to tát resolve this if you're getting shredded at long distances. 

OH and I totally forgot: Use a darker nights mod. The reason enemies can see you sneaking at night is because everyone would be able to tát see you sneaking at night. Bethesda's nights are just xanh lơ sunlight. Also make sure it's a mod that darkens the night using ambient light as opposed to tát a postprocessing effect. In the future I might make a patch for this but for now I am going to tát focus on giving them real senses. 

Also phối actor fade to tát max, or use a config tool/word processor to tát make draw distance even further. I figured that would be kind of obvious when I said snipers can actually snipe now but according to tát the angry people on reddit I guess I overestimated some people.


Honestly? I doubt you'll take much of a performance hit as long as your PC is relatively modern. I think a lot of these AI limitations are left over from Bethesda's gamebryo years when they were working with far more limited system specs. 

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