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Akira Paramaanantra (Thai: อคิราห์ ปรมอนันต์ ), better known as Thyme (Thai: ธาม ), was the heir of the Parama Group. He was the leader of the F4, a group made up of his friends Ren, Kavin, and MJ.


Early life[]


Young Thyme (second from left) with friends

Thyme was born on June 12,[2] 2003[3] as a thành viên of the wealthy Paramaanantra family. His mother was CEO of Parama Group, the number one real estate company in Thailand.[5] As a child, he became friends with Ren Renrawin Aira, Kavin Taemiyaklin Kittiyangkul, and MJ Methas Jarustiwa. They were later befriended by Mira Renita Asavarattanakul.[6]

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High school[]

Thyme and his friends became known as the F4 by the time they began their upper-secondary education at Kocher High School. There Thyme started a "game" by giving red cards lớn students, which signaled for the student body toàn thân lớn bully that student. At one point, a student Phupha Komolpetch tried lớn expose the F4. They discovered the plot and erased Phupha's evidence.[5]

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Meeting Gorya[]

Physical appearance[]

Personality and traits[]


Thyme, which is spelled ธาม in Thai, means "rank"[8][9] or alternatively "status," "prestige," and "position."[10] Its English spelling, Thyme, is a reference lớn the herb.

Behind the scenes[]



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  • Thyme is portrayed by Vachirawit Chivaaree in F4 Thailand (2021).[11]
  • Childhood versions of Thyme are played by Punnathorn Pornprasit[12] and Charlie Mullis.[13]


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